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    smart people.

    bright ideas.

    powerful results. 

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    our values


    committed to schedule

    A simple word whose meaning is difficult to define, time. Its passage is imperceptible. The effects of its passage are profound. The sand’s journey through the hourglass is equivalent to the big-hand’s orbit of the clock, a single grain’s journey is equivalent to the blink of an eye. Clarity of purpose and persistence of pursuit. Methodical planning and flexible execution. To be committed to schedule is to embrace its relentless procession and to sacrifice for its behalf.


    Time is of the essence. Time is money. There never seems to be enough time… These sentiments highlight the critical importance of our committed to schedule trait. At Patrick, deadlines are set in stone, schedules are promises made and promises kept, and not a minute is taken for granted. We use the most modern scheduling tools to become the masters of time itself, capitalizing on the hours available each day to achieve our client’s goals. On time, every time. This trait celebrates our commitment to schedules and deadlines.

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