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    smart people.

    bright ideas.

    powerful results. 

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    our values


    law abiding

    Doing the right thing when no one is looking, integrity. Questionable behavior is not always heard by jurors, argued by litigators. Doing the right thing when it is not the easiest thing, presided over by judges; what is legal is not always ethical. Abiding by core values, honor. Paying attention to details, diligence. Taking responsibility for our actions, fortitude. Moral codes, business principles, ethical standards, the adherence to which our character is judged.


    Our law abiding trait goes beyond obeying the common laws of the land and celebrates those that epitomize the spirit of laws and rules. Those that demonstrate with flawless execution the following of regulations and instructions and guidelines down to the letter, crossing all the t’s and dotting every i. The big picture perspective is always important, but the small details lay the foundation for the larger perspective. Without attention to the rules, regulations and details, all is lost. This trait commemorates those that celebrate the details and are flawless in the following of rules and instructions.

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