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    The work | life balance is not a theory here at Patrick; it is put into action every day. Work hard, play hard: that’s how we do it. 

    Join Patrick full time and be rewarded with a benefits package engineered to fit your life. We offer an option of health and dental plans, paid time off, short- and long-term disability, as well as life insurance. And we make it easy to plan for your future by supporting your efforts for furthering education and saving for retirement. 


    At Patrick, we value your contributions to our success and we aim to provide you with a benefits package that protects your health and helps your financial security, now and in the future. We continually look for valuable benefits that support your needs, whether you are single, married, raising a family, or thinking ahead to retirement. We are committed to giving you the resources you need to understand your options and how your choices could affect you financially. 


    we offer:

    Join Patrick full time and be rewarded with a benefits package engineered to fit your life.

    • Health Insurance with options including PPO, PPO with a Health Savings Account, and, in some locations, an HMO plan.

    • Dental Insurance

    • Life Insurance

    • Vision Insurance

    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

    • Short-term Disability Insurance

    • Long-term Disability Insurance

    • Paid Time Off

    • 401(k) plan with employer match

    • Tuition Reimbursement

    • Professional Society Membership Reimbursement

    • Casual Day for a Cause

    • Summer Hours


    If you share our passion for having fun while producing great work in a professional environment, we’re here for you.

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