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    smart people.

    bright ideas.

    powerful results. 

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    join us

    Join - it is a powerful word. When you join a company, you become part of its culture, part of the fabric that holds people together. You join an organization to make a difference, a difference you can feel and be proud of. Joining a company is a commitment, both for the employee and the company.

    Patrick is looking for people who share a similar vision for our culture - a culture that promotes advancement, empowerment, and collaboration. We are looking for people who are committed to their profession, want to work as a team to achieve great things, and want to have fun. We encourage employees to become involved in the community and interact with their peers. We believe making a difference extends beyond the borders of an office. Engineers and other technical professionals have the ability, opportunity, and responsibility for shaping the environment for the betterment of society.


    our values


    our culture





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