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    quality | the pursuit of excellence

    “Measure twice – cut once.”  Quality is not achieved by cutting corners or taking shortcuts. We believe quality is achieved by putting the right people in the right position, with the right tools, and with focused commitment to the project. Quality, combined with value, is the focus of our project delivery efforts.


    Patrick’s commitment to excellence has enabled us to continually climb the ranks of Engineering News Record’s Top 500 Design Firms. Our dedication to quality and to our clients' goals goes beyond each individual project and extends into the long-lasting relationships we strive to maintain.


    Our clients recognize this commitment to quality and reward us with repeat business consistently accounting for 85% of our net revenue. The engineering industry recognizes this commitment to quality and has honored us with numerous industry awards and recognitions, including ACEC, ASCE, and APWA awards.


    While both quality and safety are important in their own right, they go hand-in-hand in ensuring all projects are completed to the client’s satisfaction. Safety shall not be sacrificed for production, but rather considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. Our project teams recognize that a project can only be successful if all stakeholders are protected during the entire project execution. Quality and safety are the first priority on all of Patrick’s projects, and we instill this culture in all project stakeholders.

    Patrick Green Box.png

    quality at Patrick 

    • Quality assurance + quality control training

    • Project review teams

    • Detailed quality plan for each project

    • Companywide policies + procedures

    • Quality manager on each technical team

    • Multiple ACEC, ASCE + APWA awards

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