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    aviation infrastructure

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our expertise

    On-time arrivals and departures, maintaining passenger and crew safety, and reducing costs without impacting operations – all concerns of modern-day airport management. Patrick’s aviation experts understand how our services contribute solutions to the challenges facing today’s airport facilities and keep this perspective in each step of the project lifecycle. From Massport’s Boston Logan to Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway International airports, Patrick is a trusted partner with a wide variety of airside and landside services. Our services include runway arrestor systems, comprehensive electrical systems, bridge, tunnel, and runway structures – to logistics, space planning, and everything in between. Patrick has the experience and capability to solve today’s complex airport challenges.

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our disciplines

    • Planning, Scheduling + Programming

    • Program + Construction Management

    • Construction Engineering

    • Airfield Design

    • Landside Access Planning + Design 

    • Utilities + Refueling 

    • Facility Electrical 

    • Geospatial Services + Asset Management

    • Automated People Mover (APM) 

    • Transit + Intermodal Connectivity 

    • Engineered Material Arresting Systems (EMAS)

    • Structural Engineering + Inspection 

    our projects

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