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    design-build services

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our expertise

    Patrick understands the drivers behind alternative delivery methods, including design-build and EPC. Clients in industrial manufacturing, railroad, ports, and terminal industries, as well as local and federal agencies rely on Patrick for successful design-build solutions that focus on schedule and cost performance. Patrick’s in-house contracting, estimating, and design experts enable us to concentrate on meeting our client’s operational objectives, at a pace that optimizes the project schedule and overall cost. By maintaining open avenues of communication and a partnership mentality, Patrick provides cost-saving value by efficiently using in-house resources, as well as specialty subcontractors, serving as the general contractor for projects.

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our disciplines

    • Planning, Feasibility + Pre-Construction Services

    • General Contracting 

    • Full-Service Engineering + Design 

    • Construction Management + Oversight 

    • Turnkey Project Delivery

    • Resident Engineering + Inspection

    • Constructability + Cost Estimating 

    • Alternative Delivery + Value Engineering 

    • Scheduling + Cost Control 

    • Quality Assurance + Quality Control

    • Web-based Project Management Systems

    • Asset Management + O&M Support

    our projects

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