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    freight rail

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our expertise

    Working with the railroad industry requires technical and operational knowledge, practical experience, and a proven track record to deliver quality and timely services safely and within budget. Patrick has extensive experience in the engineering design and construction of railroad facilities, including freight yards, intermodal terminals, quiet zones, and design-build of rail spurs for industrial developments serving Class I rail service providers. Boasting strong client relationships and a reputation of repeat work with these clients, Patrick is proud of our history of providing comprehensive solutions to some of the nation’s largest freight rail challenges. With a commitment to safety and schedule and a focus on function and lifecycle cost, Patrick is proud to provide value-driven solutions to the top freight rail providers nationwide.

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our disciplines

    • Construction Management

    • Rail Yard + Facilities Design

    • Railroad Bridge Design + Inspection

    • Capacity Improvements

    • Track Layout + Design

    • Railroad Crossing Improvements

    • Access Control + Pedestrian Bridges

    • Grade Separation Planning + Design

    • Retaining Wall Analysis + Design

    • Geospatial Services

    • Embankment Stability

    • Program Management + Construction Cost Estimating

    • Signal Planning + Design

    • Design-Build + Construction

    • Permitting

    our projects

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