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    gas utilities + pipeline engineering

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our expertise

    Patrick has extensive experience providing services to the oil and gas industry. Our engineering design, field, and advisory services  teams provide our national clients with the certainty and reliability they need to meet their dynamic requirements. The ever-increasing regulatory environment requires a partner that can provide solutions aimed towards achieving compliance and optimizing operations. With a commitment to safety and quality, we provide experienced talent and design solutions that allow our clients to meet the demands of their competitive environment. Whether our systems are carrying petroleum, natural gas or water for public utilities, refineries, or mid-stream companies, Patrick provides value-added design, construction field services, and technical solutions with special attention to client objectives and needs.

    Learn more about the Patrick's Gas Solutions at www.patrickgeospatial.com/solutions

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our disciplines

    • Regulatory, Consulting + Advisory Services

    • Distribution + Transmission Pipeline Engineering

    • HDD Engineering + Hydraulic Studies

    • Integrity Management: MAOP Verification, HCA, MCA + Class Assessments powered by TruView

    • Inspection + Tracking & Traceability powered by FieldView

    • Outage + Work Management powered by OpsView

    • Geospatial Services 

    • Storage + Compressor Station Engineering Design

    • Electrical Controls Design + SCADA

    • Geotechnical, Environmental + Permitting

    • Civil/Structural Design

    • Survey (LIDAR) + Right-of-way Engineering & Acquisition 

    • Program Management + Construction Management

    • Freshwater Pipeline Transfer Optimization

    • Production/Flowback Water Reuse Management 

    our projects

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