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    ports + terminals

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our expertise

    As a multi-disciplinary engineering company, Patrick offers a wide variety of services to support and improve port and marine infrastructure. We understand port and terminal projects are operationally-driven, seeking safe, efficient, and reliable infrastructure that meets business needs. Many of our clients rely on more than one mode of transportation at their terminals, including rail, truck, barge, and air. Our internal teams have professionals who are experts in each of these fields, dedicated to each mode of transportation, providing our ports and terminals clients with comprehensive solutions that include unique insight into each aspect of the project. Focusing on lifecycle and maintenance costs, operational efficiency, and above all safety, Patrick remains a go-to source for solutions to today’s most complex challenges at our nation’s ports and terminals.

    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape
    Urban Landscape

    our disciplines

    • Rail Engineering / Inspection / Signals

    • Roadway Design

    • Site + Civil

    • Structural Engineering / Bridges / Retaining Structures

    • Drainage + Hydraulics

    • Docks + Marine Structures

    • Shoreline Protection Design

    • Geotechnical Engineering

    • Constructability + Value Engineering

    • Product Movement / Optimization

    • Transloading – Bulk and Liquid

    • Permitting

    • Environmental Engineering / Dredging

    • Electrical Engineering / Power Supply

    • Construction + Construction Management

    • Turnkey Design-Build

    our projects

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